TCOTC Road Construction

The road construction is not done at tcotc.
1) Broadway just West of the building, where one would normally turn in to get to the lower parking lot, was closed tonight.  Last night there had been a bumpy dirt pathway to go through but there was a 12 foot mound of earth there tonight.  I have no idea what condition they will leave it in for the weekend.
To get to the lower parking lot for loading/unloading enter into the TCOTC parking lot that is East of TCOTC.  Go straight past Tcotc AND past the building north of TCOTC (beware of speedbumps)
  Wrap around that building by taking lefts to get to the TCOTC lot for loading and unloading.
I dont know if any trailers can successfully traverse that path.  Possibly Steve’s camper and the Shepherd clubs trailer could make it in
  I wouldn’t even try bringing an RV through that.  RVs may be best in the parking lot NE of the TCOTC building.