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Results from September 24-25, 2016

Click on the link below to see the results from our conformation shows on September 24 and 25, 2016. Congratulations to everyone on their successes!

September 2016 Results


September 2016 Pre-Entries

Following are the pre-entries for our shows this weekend, September 24-25, 2016.

AED 1-0-0-1
Australian Shepherd 1-0-0-0
BC 1-0-0-0
Chinese Crested 0-0-0-1
English Setter 0-0-1-0
German Shorthair 1-0-0-0
German Spitz 0-0-1-0
GSD 0-1-5-2 NLC 0-1
GSD Alt 0-1-1-0
Mi-Ki 1-1-0-0
Papillon 0-1-2-1 NLC 0-1
Pembroke Corgi 0-0-3-1
Rottweiler 1-1-0-0
Russkiy Toy 0-0-3-2
Shetland Sheep Dog 0-1-2-1
Siberian Husky 2-2-1-0  NLC 2-1
Standard Poodle 1-1-0-0
TFT 1-0-1-0

September 24-25, 2016 Premium

Click the link below to view the premium for our fall weekend of shows!

NLAEDA Sept 2016 premium

Our online entry system is ready to go, just click on the ONLINE ENTRIES tab at the top of the page. To print an entry form to mail in, click on the link below:

Conformation Entry Form


Results from April 23-24, 2016

Congratulations to all the wonderful exhibitors and their awesome dogs, and thank you to the judges and our hard-working club members!  Our April weekend of conformation shows and rally trials was a big success and we hope it was enjoyed by all.

To see the results of the Conformation Shows, follow the link below:

Show Results April 2016

To see the results of the Rally Trials, follow this link:

Trial Results April 2016

Our next weekend of conformation shows will be September 24-25, 2016. Hope to see you there!

April 23-24 Conformation and Rally

Follow the link below for the premium for our April 2016 weekend of shows!  Four Conformation shows and four Rally trials will be held at Twin Cities Obedience Training Club in Minneapolis. There will also be Agility hosted by the UGSDA. Multiple opportunities for Total Dog!

Online entries may be completed by clicking here. If you prefer to mail a paper entry form, follow the links below for an online form you can fill out and print, or print and fill out.

NLAEDA April 2016 premium

UKC Conformation Entry Form

UKC Performance Entry Form

Results from September 19-20, 2015

The results from our September shows last weekend are at the link below.  Congratulations to all!


Show Results Sept 2015


Pre-Entries for September 19-20, 2015

Here are the pre-entry counts for our shows this weekend. Please let us know if you have any questions or corrections.  We are looking forward to seeing everyone!

Pre-Entries Sept 2015

September 19-20, 2015, Conformation Premium

The premium for our September 19-20, 2015, weekend of shows is available at the link below. There will be 2 conformation shows on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. In addition, there will be agility in the same building hosted by UGSDA providing opportunities for Total Dog!

NLAEDA Sept 2015 premium

NLAEDA Online Entry System

UKC Entry Form

UGSDA Events Page (Agility Trial)





Results from April 2015 Conformation and Rally

Thanks to all our wonderful exhibitors, hard-working club members and judges our April weekend of shows was a huge success! Thank you to everyone and we hope to see you again in September.

Follow the link below to see the results from all 4 Conformation shows and all 4 Rally trials.

Show Results April 2015

Pre-Entries for this Weekend

Here are the pre-entries for our conformation shows this weekend.  It’s going to be a full house!

We will be running in UKC Group number order on Saturday:  Guardian, Scenthound, Sighthound, Gun Dogs, Northern, Herding, Terrier, Companion.   On Sunday we will reverse the order.

Pre-Entries April 2015