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April 2014 Conformation and Rally!

The premium is available for our April 19-20, 2014, weekend of shows.  There will be 4 Conformation shows and 4 Rally trials over the weekend at Twin Cities Obedience Training Club in Minneapolis.  And to add to the fun, the UGSDA will be hosting Agility so there will be plenty of opportunities to go for Total Dog.

Our on-line entry system will be available shortly by clicking on the tab above. To send a paper entry, click on the link below and mail it to the address on the premium.

NLAEDA April 2014 premium

UKC Entry Form


September 21-22, 2013 Show Results

The show results from our September 21-22, 2013, conformation shows are posted on the link below. Congratulations to all the spectacular dogs and handlers!


Show Results September 2013 Conformation

Pre-Entry Numbers!

Following are the pre-entries for our shows this weekend:

AED 2-2-1-2    NLC 1
AED Altered 0-0-0-1
APBT 1-1-1-0
BC 1-1-0-0
Beagle 0-0-1-0
Berger Picard 0-0-1-0
Boxer 0-0-1-0
Cocker Spaniel 1-0-0-0
Dalmation 1-0-0-0
Eng Pointer 0-1-0-0
Eng Toy Spaniel 0-1-0-0
FCR 0-0-1-0
German Pinscer 0-0-1-0
Golden 0-1-0-0
Great Dane 0-1-1-0
GSD 0-1-3-1
GSP 2-1-0-1
GWP 0-1-0-0
Lab 1-1-0-0
MC Poodle 0-1-0-0
NSDTR 0-0-1-1
Pap 0-0-1-1 NLC 1
Pap Altered 0-0-1-0
Russkiy Toy 0-2-1-1
SBT 0-1-0-0
Sheltie 0-1-0-0
Sib Husky 0-2-4-1
Silken Windhound 0-0-1-0  NLC 1

Judge Change for Saturday, September 21, 2013

There has been a judge change for Saturday, September 21, 2013.  Instead of Ann and Morey Baugn, the judges will be Stan Matsumoto for Show 1 and Barb Lauer for Show 2.

Anyone wishing to change their entry may contact the event secretary, Kathy Thacher. Contact information is listed on the revised premium.

NLAEDA Sept 2013 premium

September 2013 Conformation Shows!

NLAEDA’s fall weekend of conformation is coming up, September 21-22! There will be four shows, two on Saturday and two on Sunday.

There will be food for sale on site, a photographer available, and plenty of crating and grooming space.  Total Dog is being offered by the UGSDA for qualifiers in both conformation and agility on the same day.

Online entries are available by clicking on the tab above. To send a paper entry, click on the link below.

NLAEDA Sept 2013 premium

UKC Entry Form



April 2013 Results

A huge thanks to all exhibitors, judges, and NLAEDA club members who made this show weekend such fun! And congratulations to everyone on their successes, big and small.  Sometimes success means a big honkin’ ribbon; sometimes it means having a happy, focused dog; always it means that you did your best.

Here are the results of both the conformation shows and the rally trials:

Show Results April 2013 Conformation

Show Results April 2013 Rally


April 2013 Conformation and Rally!!

The premium/flyer for our April 20-21, 2013, Conformation and Rally events is now available!  We will be hosting 4 Conformation shows and 4 Rally trials at Twin Cities Obedience Training Center in Minneapolis.

The UGSDA will be hosting an Agility trial in the same building to this multiplies the opportunities for Total Dog awards!

Our on-line entry system is available. Paper entries may use the regulation UKC entry form.

For Online Entries click here.

NLAEDA April 2013 premium

UKC Entry Form


September Show Results!

The results from our September 22 and 23, 2012 shows are now available. Northern Lights would like to extend a huge thanks to all the exhibitors who supported our shows.  Click the link below to view the complete results.

Show-Results-Sept-2012 – PDF Format

2012 Fall Conformation Show

The 2012 NLAEDA Fall Conformation show will be held on September 22 and 23.

  • September 22:
    • Show 1: Judge William Chrzanowski (except TFT) Entries 7:15-8:15 am Show 9 am
    • Show 2: Judge Debra Mitchell Entries 7:15-8:15 am Show 10 am
  • September 23:
    • Show 1: Judge Sally Davidson Entries 7:15-8:15 am Show 9 am
    • Show 2: Judge John Davidson Entries 7:15-8:15 am Show 10 am

You can enter your dog(s) in the show using our online entry system or by filling out the UKC Entry Form and mailing it with your payment.

Here’s a link to the official UKC Event Page:

 The event will be held at the TCOTC located at 2101 Broadway St. NE, Minneapolis, MN